Oscar Mandagaran & Georgina Vargas' Workshops & Shows at Repun Tango Naples Milonga! Argentine Tango at its best!

OSCAR  and GEORGINA'S workshop and Show at REPUN TANGO NAPLES MILONGA was amazing!! Thanks for coming! Argentine Tango at its best by Pablo Repun Tango!   

OSCAR and GEORGINA'S instant fusion as a tango partners, with a superb and unique style, has allowed them to further expand their talent as dancers, teachers and choreographers worldwide. They transmit their love of the Tango in its pure form and profound essence through their dancing, teaching and artistic generosity. With their great sensitivity and magnetism, this couple stirs in everyone who lays eyes on them a flood of intrinsic and deep emotions. Today, they are recognized as one of the best tango couples on an international level, as shown by their extensive tours throughout the USA, Italy, Japan, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. They have also been special guests of the Tango show in Buenos Aires: the "Esquina Carlos Gardel". Currently they reside in Buenos Aires with their son Nicolas, where their "Tango de Buenos Aires" Studio gets flooded all day long with Tango teachers, performers and students from all over the world, who come seeking the invaluable coaching of these extraordinary artists.

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