7 Year Anniversary celebration of Repun Tango Naples Milonga: Patricio Touceda and Eva Lucero Spectacular Workshops & Show!

Argentine tango Show by Pablo Repun Tango last night at the Bonita Springs Film Festival Red Carpet Opening!

Tango Show at Bonita Center for the Performing Arts Hinman Auditorium Bonita Springs - Florida January 13th 2017

Repun Tango Productions Show at Baker Museum Artis Naples - Florida December 28th 2016

Live Music at Repun Tango Naples Milonga! A magical night!

Dancing Tango on 5th Ave Naples, FL The Lightening of the Tree! DEC 1st 2016!

Workshops & Show by Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert in Naples! An unforgettable weekend! Nov 26th & 27th 2016

Tango Show at Inca's Kitchen was a great Success!!!

Repun Tango Studio BEST OF GULFSHORE LIFE MAGAZINE FINALIST 2016! For the 4th time!! We are honored!

Artis Naples Show A night of Tango with Pablo Repun April 29th 2016 - TWO SOLD OUT EVENTS!!

Argentine Tango Night with Pablo Repun at Artis Naples April 29th 2016-Two Amazing SOLD OUT Events!!

Argentine Tango Show at ARTIS NAPLES! An Evening of Argentine Tango with Pablo Repun! Friday, April 29th - Daniels Pavilion