3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Repun Tango Naples Milonga with LIVE MUSIC!

Thank you all so much for coming to our many events we had this weekend! Saturday & Sunday February 8th & 9th 2013!

Repun Tango Naples Milonga was a huge success with a full house, live music with “Miguel Arrabal trio” and the funny and emotional words of Ginny conmemorating our Milonga’s 3 Year Anniversary!  The floor was filled by the wonderful energy people always bring and they all looked beautiful in red and black!!
Also, we had our 1st book club where we talked about “Long after Midnight at the Ninio Bien”which was so fun and interesting!
Following the book club we showed a very informative documentary about Argentinean tango music and history “Tangos Among Friends”. We all enjoyed it very much!
We wanted to share with you these two wonderful commemorative and funny articles that our friend Ginny wrote:
Thank you all for coming and sharing all of these wonderful experiences with
Alicia & Pablo